ITSA Governance | Directors/Officers


Colleen Clarke, Vice President, Surety Trade Relations

Roanoke Insurance Group Inc.

(847) 969-7033



Lisa Gelsomino, President/CEO

Avalon Risk Management

(847) 700-8192



Michelle E. Lucaccioni, Vice President

Navigators Management Company, Inc.

(847) 285-9002



Ed Mascher, Designated Representative

Navigators Management Company/Integro USA, Inc.

(415) 254-9563



Kevin A. Tattam, President

International Bond & Marine

(201) 653-6100, ext. 201


General Counsel:

Gilbert Lee Sandler, Member

Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, P.A.

(305) 894-1000


ITSA members meet regularly in pursuit of the organization’s goals.  All meetings are conducted in accordance with the bylaws, which are available upon request, and the following antitrust compliance guidelines:

These Antitrust Compliance Guidelines are intended to provide guidance to members regarding permissible and impermissible areas of discussion at all Association meetings. The Guidelines should also be adhered to during meeting breaks and during social activities sponsored by the Association.

The Guidelines contain express restrictions on discussion and committee decision-making to avoid even the appearance of an antitrust violation. The Guidelines should be reviewed by each member prior to participation in any meeting of the Association, and each member should contact its own legal counsel if that member has any questions regarding permitted or prohibited behavior.

No member of the Association shall discuss rates or any element of rates, including insurer rate levels, insurer loss cost levels, or plans for what the advisory loss cost levels ought to be for any line of insurance for any jurisdiction. Except for the activities of authorized committees, no member of the Association shall discuss any methodology for determining rates.

The members shall not approve or disapprove staff decisions concerning the Association’s advisory loss cost levels, or any aspect of rates or ratemaking methodology.

Members shall not discuss or disclose information on any competitively sensitive practices, including pricing, bidding, underwriting guidelines, terms or conditions of coverage, product development, customers, marketing plans and agent and broker compensation.

All discussions related to legislative or regulatory issues should be limited to subjects relevant to the support of or opposition to legislation or regulatory action, or involvement in judicial proceedings, such as the Association’s position, the contents of proposed laws or rules, and the public policy or legal issues. Members may not discuss market activity to influence a governmental body or market response to legislation or regulation.